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Deutsch Drahthaar VDD Registered and Tested

DD's exhibit the characteristic of a retriever of lost game. They do this by their inbred capacity to track and pursue (and even dispatch) wounded game persistently and uncompromisingly in some of the most difficult conditions. This saves the game from unnecessary suffering. Their endurance, swimming ability and heavy coat also make them well suited to waterfowl hunting in the most adverse conditions.

"Through performance to a Standard"
VDD Registered and Tested Deutsch Drahthaar

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Whelped: July 4, 2008
4 males and 6 female

Congratulations to Bryce, Chad and RC who competed at the 2009 Cheyenne, Wyoming Armbruster. And thanks for all your efforts! nice work.

Holli vom Wasatch and Bryce Robinette score: (228-9th place) 11/11
Hatti vom Wasatch (227.5 10th place) 9/12
Helmut vom Wasatch and Chad Jones score: (221.5 15th place) 11/12
Hope vom Wasatch and RC Cummins (216.5 23rd place) 7/10


Zwinger vom Wasatch
Member: VDD-GNA, Wild West Chapter
Shane Loveland

9445 North 4400 West
Elwood, Utah 84337
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